Easy Painting Formulas

Loc Al interior home painters should use straightforward formulas to calculate their job estimates, especially when bidding on full-house interiors. They may underestimate one room while overestimating another, but it all evens out within a house and across jobs. This approach allows you to be consistent and speedy in estimating your jobs.
One formula that works well for local interior home painters is to estimate each room based on the number of windows and doors. Multiply the count for each room by a standard amount that will cover the cost of the customer-selected mid-grade paint, all supplies, and labor needed to perform the job.

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You can update the standard amount periodically based on inflation and the speed at which you paint.
Counting windows and doors works well because it acts as a rule of thumb for the time-consuming trim work required to paint a room in a standard home with similarly sized doors and windows. Painting open walls with a roller takes little time, whereas painting trim is slow work. Similarly, bathrooms with toilets, sinks, vanities, and showers generally have limited square footage but require lots of trim work. Finally, the estimate should include painting the ceiling, chair rails, and any other permanent room elements, including the doors. Simplicity is the key since it allows you to provide quick, consistent, and confident bids.

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