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Helping Your Child Who is Struggling at School to Get Good Grades

Every parent hopes that their child will excel at school and succeed in life later on. However, for various reasons, some children struggle. If your child is getting bad grades, you have to step in and help them. Here are some things that you can do at home to improve your child’s academic performance:

Support Your Child

The first thing you must do as a parent is to be there for your child. No child wants to fail at school. If they are having a hard time, talk to them and give them what they need to make learning a little easier. If they need additional resources, for example, like a book recommended but not required by their teacher, buy it for them to help them understand a lesson. You can easily get textbooks online on whatever topic.

Do not lose your temper. Being angry at your child will not help them improve their performance. They will only feel fear and stress which may fracture their relationship with you. Talking to them in a calm manner allows them to open up to you and share what is causing their poor performance. Maybe then you can get to the root cause of the problem.

Pay Attention to Your Child

Set aside time for you to review your child’s homework. You do not have to keep an eye on them every single day, but checking their homework from time to time will allow you to spot a problem before it becomes serious.

You may also help them review before a big test. Create flashcards or questionnaires to get them ready.

Contact the Teacher

Make the most of school conferences to discuss the issues that your child is experiencing. Their teacher will likely have an idea of what the problem is and offer advice on how to fix it.

If you do not think your child is getting enough support from their teacher, you may also contact the school’s guidance counselor. Make sure to create copies of your child’s homework, test results, or any message they received from their teacher in order to create a clear picture of the problem.

TutorHire a Tutor

Not every parent is well-versed in every subject taught in school. If you think you cannot handle a particular topic, there is nothing shameful about home tuition.

A good tutor will be able to explain lessons that your child may have found complicated in ways that they will understand. To find a good tutor for your child, you may ask the school for recommendations. Some teachers offer after-school tutorial services for students who are struggling. Others may ask for an hourly-rate to teach your child outside the school premises.

Create a Game Plan

Instead of being angry, ask your child what changes they can make in order to get better grades in the next quarter. Set realistic expectations. If they received a failing mark, for example, next time they receive their report card, they should pass the subject. They do not have to become an ace student immediately. You want to see gradual improvements.

Have a brainstorming session and identify ways that can help your child achieve your goal. Maybe they need to set aside an hour every night to review the things they learned that day. Perhaps, decreasing their screen time will make them focus on their homework.

While teachers play a huge role in your child’s education, learning should continue at home. For your child to become a better student, they need you to be involved and help them.

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