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Keeping Things Clean: How to Take Care of Your Septic Tank

Septic tanks have the dirty job of taking in all of the wastewater that your household produces. Though city homes usually connect to the sewers, for those in the suburbs and rural areas, a septic tank is the best choice. Good septic tanks can last 30 years and more, but you will need to implement proper maintenance procedures with them.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can take care of your septic system:

Inspect and Pump on a Schedule

Septic tanks have a finite capacity. Even if they have large volumes, your septic tank will need pumping every three years. Normally, you have to call in septic tank experts to do the pumping. But it is possible to set up a septic tank to pump itself. Contact a submersible pump supplier so that your septic tank can do the job, which will make things much easier for you. It will require you to do inspections and pumping more often since the mechanized parts need some servicing.

You need to keep a solid record of your inspections and pumping. Provide the condition found and the scum levels so that you can compare and contrast them. This allows you to take action in the future if necessary.

Ensure That Your Septic Tank Never Gets Overloaded

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Putting your septic tank to its limits is asking for trouble. This is why you should change your habits so that your tank does not strain itself by taking more water than it should. For one, ensure that your plumbing is not suffering from any leaks. Additionally, you can reduce water consumption by adding flow reducer nozzles on showers.

As for your toilet, convert it into a modern low-flow toilet to reduce water consumption when flushing. Also, you should never flush down the drain anything that should not go down there. All of these have the nasty effect of clogging up your septic tank. Pouring grease down the drain is another similar act that can ruin your septic tank.

Take Care of Your Drainfield

One of the essential parts of your septic tank system is the drainfield. This is where contaminants are removed from the water that comes out from your septic tank. Disrupting it can damage your septic tank’s ability to process sewage. This is why you should avoid driving over it or even planting trees near it.

Clean the Pipes

Besides pumping out the insides of the septic tank, you will also need to handle all of the sewage pipes that lead to it. Solid matter builds up over time and a clog is inevitable. To avoid this, you should have a high-pressure jetting of these pipes every five years. This ensures their cleanliness and dumps the debris into your septic tank for processing.

A septic tank system offers a great benefit for any homeowner who wants to be environmentally friendly and economical. Taking care of it is pretty simple, as well. The advice above should help ensure that your septic tank is always in a good state.

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