Key Questions to Ask When Doing Patient Market Research

If you’re doing patient market research, you may want a detailed template for the practical questions to ask. In their YouTube video, “Patient-Centered Market Research Questions,” B-BIC Skills Department Center provides questions that will produce the most effective outcomes. The lecturer, Lisa Webeck, presents a strategy for framing the questions to select the best research subjects. These questions can help identify the ideal research candidate.

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First Questions to Ask

First, the researcher must identify what type of patient they want to work with. This identification process may begin with a diagnosis, but it can narrow the selection by age range, gender, and comorbidities. For example, research may be limited to patients in the first stage of their treatment process. Location may also be a factor, because it can influence patient access to resources.

The True Focus of Your Research

The most critical questions in your research will be to seek patients who fit the criteria that will elicit the best responses for your research. It’s essential to discover what motivates your potential subjects to participate. You may want to ask how their condition impacts them financially. During questioning, be prepared to realize your research may need a different approach.


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