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Beat the Heat: How to Maintain Your Home in the Summer

Summer is a fantastic time to do plenty of outdoor activities. Whether it’s going swimming, spending a day at the beach, exploring your family’s roots, or making memories with friends and family, there are endless ways to enjoy this wonderful season.

But as much as we love summertime, there is no denying that it can be brutal on your home and your family with the rising temperatures and the scorching sun. The last thing you want for those weekends at the pool or those vacations away from work is to return home to an expensive heating bill or an undesirable amount of damage to your property.

The eight tips below will help you beat the heat and maintain your home this summer:

1) Cover Your Pool

Swimming pools are one of the most common ways to beat the heat in the summer, but they can also be one of the biggest causes of damage to your home.

Heat radiating off pool water is four times hotter than ambient air. If you are not using your pool or it doesn’t have a solar cover, then you should either drain or cover it when it is not in use.

2) Turn it Off, Then Drain your Water Heater

If you know that your water heater won’t be used for an extended period, then it is recommended to turn off the power or gas to the unit and drain all water from it.

Then, insulate the tank with a fiberglass blanket. Doing this will prevent any cracks from forming from extreme temperature changes.

3) Clean Your AC Filters

It might seem like an unnecessary chore since air filters are replaced quite frequently anyway, but they can attract dust and other debris over time — especially if they haven’t been cleaned in months (or years).

Air filters and air compressors help air conditioning units run more smoothly. So regular maintenance of air conditioners is very crucial as it also prevents breakdowns while prolonging the life of your air conditioning units.

4) Ditch the Carpet

Carpeting is a great way to add personality and texture to a room, but it can do more harm than good in the summer. Even if you have a heavy-duty carpet cleaning machine, carpeting will soak up a lot of heat from outside sources, causing your home’s air conditioning system to work much harder.

Hardwood floors are better suited for keeping temps down during hot summer months.

5) Keep Cushions at the Ready

Even though temperatures might not dip dramatically at night anymore, you should still keep that extra cushion or two by your front door or near your patio furniture.

When evening rolls around and temperatures start going down, it will be having comfortable seating right when you need it. And if your cushions aren’t in the best condition, there is no better time to purchase new ones than during summer sales.

6) Get That Mail Right Away!

Don’t let any of your mail or other packages lay out in the sun all day long, especially during the hottest months of the year. Not only is this hazardous to their health, but a lot of these deliveries will be things that need to stay in a cool environment — like food and medication.

It also prevents the unexpected from happening when something at your doorstep melts or spoils due to high temperatures.

7) Make Your Own Ice Packs
kid with ice pack covered in linen being used for his concussion

There are plenty of uses for ice packs outside of their intended purposes, including them as an extra cushion or ice pack for minor injuries. You can even make your own ice packs with items you’ll find at home, which are more effective than store-bought alternatives.

Make sure to place a thin cloth barrier between the ice and whatever you’re using it on because some fabrics will become wet or damaged once they come into contact with water or ice.

8) Keep Your Front Door Shut

Since heat rises, it is best not to have any of your doors open so that air doesn’t get in from outside sources. Instead, open windows at least an inch during morning hours when temperatures are typically cooler so that the house can naturally cool down.

This is especially useful if you have pets or young children sensitive to warmer temperatures.

Beat the heat with these eight simple tips that will keep your home cooler this summer and help you maintain a comfortable temperature. Whether you have pets, kids, or both, there are some helpful tips in here to ensure they stay safe during the warmer months.

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