Qualities of a Trustworthy SEO Agency

Finding a trustworthy SEO agency or consultant can take quite a bit of work. The first thing to understand is that SEO is a rather slow process. So you’ll want to find people who have lengthy experience on a project.

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You’ll typically want to find people working on SEO projects for at least a year straight. Often, it takes several months for SEO to show results.

You can also use a variety of analytical tools to see how a website is performing. When evaluating an SEO professional, you should consider looking at their past projects to gauge how well they performed and whether they were able to increase traffic. Since you likely won’t have access to their Google Analytics, you’ll have to do a bit of external research. This can be tricky, but you might produce good results.

You’ll also have to spend a lot of time reading through their job experience, and during the interview, you’ll want to learn more. One crucial thing to consider is that the person or agency was likely working as part of a team. So this leads to some important questions. For example, did traffic grow because of this person or marketing agency? Or was someone else responsible? Likewise, if a project struggled, who was at fault? It might not be the person or agency you are interviewing. Keep all the above in mind when looking for a trustworthy SEO agency.


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