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Social Media: Not the Best Option for Companies

Social media is no longer the best platform to promote and market your company. Politics has dipped its hand in social media. Blatant liberal bias and unrestrained toxic mobs can shut down your site, and that online toxicity can bleed into the real world.

Get Your Own Domain

As the name implies a domain is a piece of the Internet where you have absolute control. However, in these troubled times, you might need to employ a cybersecurity service provider to make sure that it stays that way. Having your own site gives your company more credence compared to relying on social media. It raises your online visibility, and with some SEO magic, you can maneuver to the front pages of search engines.

Social media sites are incredibly unreliable. You have very little control of their policies, and these platforms run unregulated with no oversight whatsoever. Simply put, they can do whatever they want, and you can do nothing about it. Your own site allows you to maintain your online presence without restrictions and without relying on social media platforms that are embracing Leftist ideology. Every successful company has its own website, and so should your company.

Connect with People

A dedicated website allows you to connect with people and market your brand more efficiently. It creates a direct line to your clients where they can ask questions or give valuable feedback. A dedicated website promotes a clear picture of your company as well as your products and services. It adds avenue for transactions, which is quite convenient for your clients.

Online sales are on the uptick these past two years and are one of the reasons for the manufacturing boom. By allowing online transactions on your website, your company’s reach and visibility are multiplied exponentially, reaching a bigger pool of potential clients. With a few gimmicks and marketing tricks, you can maximize engagement with your clients and make sure they stay informed about new developments and special offers.

Increase Your Flexibility

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Putting your eggs in one basket is a bad idea, especially if you don’t own the basket. Though you shouldn’t disconnect with social media, you should treat it merely as a secondary platform. Social media has a history of losing and leaking private information, so you might want to distance your company from those debacles.

Online rage mobs organized by the Left populate these sites, and they can target your company for whatever imagined slight they can come up with. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can be considered monopolies, and monopolies hold too much power. Unless these sites get regulations or some other entity breaks their monopolies, it would be a good idea to maintain a separate online presence away from these sites.

In the end, every serious company should have its own website. Break the shackles of social media platforms and get a domain where you control everything. Don’t leave your online fate in the hands of people you can’t trust. Get a dedicated website and manage your online future.

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