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Types of Businesses that Will Benefit from an IP-PBX Phone System

A PBX system is a phone system used to manage high volumes of calls. Every time you dial an automated hotline, it is this system that you are connecting to. It is the particular feature of this system that makes it crucial for call centers and other businesses who have to deal with multiple lines of calls every day. An IP-PBX system, on the other hand, is a more recent technology that integrates the Internet with a traditional PBX system. This means that it does not simply rely on telephone lines anymore, and customers can call using the Internet. This new and improved phone system can be used for streamlining workflow in a variety of businesses. Find out if your business should consider purchasing this technology.

Call Centers

The obvious option for any call center is to get a PBX system to handle the many calls coming through every minute. Xorcom IP-PBX systems provide the traditional features of call center phone systems, such as the ability to record, blacklist, and forward calls. It has the same analog integrations that other PBX systems use, but it also has the ability to allow communication over VoIP channels, which allows international clients to call using smartphone apps. This system is also much more secure as it uses digital encryption and firewalls, making it easy for call centers to comply with government regulations on consumer or customer data protection.


Companies that are spread out over different geographical locations often need to communicate among their multiple offices, especially when an urgent situation arises. IP-PBX systems offer the option to add multiple lines to a conference, along with videos and file sharing. Some of the lines can be paused or put on hold, and incoming lines can be kept open or redirected, making it much more technologically advanced and useful than regular PBX phones.

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These are establishments that receive a high volume of calls per day, with multiple rooms calling the reception at the same time. The reception must forward these calls to the appropriate departments, sometimes redirect them to outside services, while also accepting more calls from people inquiring about reservations. The many different lines of engagement required make hotels an ideal client for this phone system.

News Media Outlets

Almost all of the features of an IP-PBX system can be used by news media outlets effectively as they must organize a vast number of lines of communication on different platforms. A reporter may be broadcasting video and calling from a remote location, while a viewer may be calling from a landline regarding an issue. This technology makes handling all of this a seamless task, rather than having to constantly switch over from platform to platform.

Internet integration is always a helpful feature as it saves money on traditional means of making calls for both businesses and clients. Clients are much more likely to make calls if they know that they can use a free app instead of having to pay a toll.

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