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Types of Transitions in Videos

Videos have been established to have the highest impact among all kinds of image-based advertisements. As such, companies are now outdoing themselves in posting videos across various marketing channels. Few businesses are, however, reporting any handsome returns from the use of videos for their marketing. This is because of some common mistakes that paint their brands in poor light and hurt rather than boost their profits.   Corporate videos are more than simple moving images shot using high-end cameras. Professional video production services for Manchester residents and those beyond these local borders entails various aspects before the images are ready for use. One of the critical steps is editing. Here, a transition is one of the areas the video editor will focus on.   This is how one shot of your film will end while the next begins. The transition aims to create a seamless flow in your videos. The following are some of the transitions used in corporate video editing.

Fade In/Out

The fade in your video will denote the gradual change of the color used. Fade-outs are generally used at the end of a film while fade-ins usher the beginning of your video or a scene. The most commonly used transition type is the fade-to-black that often symbolizes completion or the passage of time. Fade-to-white, on the other hand, is used to exude a sense of hope or ambiguity.


These overlap two scenes or shots and gradually transition from one scene to the next. They are often used after a scene and will show a link between one scene and another or the movement from one location to the next. Long dissolves can be used to indicate the passage of an extended period while short ones can denote a short period.


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These happen when shots travel from one end of a frame to the other and replace a previous scene. They are generally used between storylines that take place in different locations or to establish some conflict or tension. While fades often symbolize completion, wipes show that specific actions in the video remain unresolved.

The L-Cut

This is also called the split edit. The editor, in this case, will cut the picture frames in your film into strips. He/she, however, leaves a narrow audio track at the left of your screen intact; therefore, generating an L-shape of your film. L-cuts are generally used to portray conversations and allow a viewer to read a listener’s emotion as dialogue continues. They are used in the corporate sector primarily for interviews.

There is nothing simple about corporate videos. While it is allowed to go all crazy on the videos you post on your personal social media pages, this might not work for your business marketing. You would not want people to associate your brand with mediocre videos that look poorly edited and scripted. The above transitions are mostly subtle, and people will not even notice the changes in your videos.

This way, your videos have continuity and allow viewers to follow your general message. Consistency in producing top-notch videos is essential to set you apart. It is, therefore, important to stick to one professional video production agency.

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