7 Hobbies That You Can Turn into Small Businesses

The U.S. has been hit by a soaring unemployment rate because of the pandemic. As of now, 8.7 million Americans are still jobless, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate may be dwindling, but it is still high. According to the statistics, 3.4 million Americans are long-term unemployed.

Government subsidies may not be enough to make ends meet. The stimulus package can only do so much. A sustainable solution can rely on small-scale businesses that you can start at home. Profiting from something you’re technically skilled at is a plus. Check out these hobbies that you can actually turn into a revenue generator.

Arts & Crafts

If you’re highly skilled at crafting, you can definitely earn from your proficiency. You can earn by making DIY arts and crafts. If you’re good at crocheting, you can sell your own patterns. Your butterfly preservation techniques can get you clients who like framed pinned butterflies, too. Turn your paintings into profit by making sketches and portraits for others. What’s good about this is that you can set your own price for the products you sell. That’s an advantage since learning a skill takes a lot of effort and time. You know how much your work is worth.


Food is one of the most profitable commodities in the world because the demand for food never runs out. That’s why it’s the best time to explore food business opportunities. Perfecting your pastry recipes is very useful to earn a profit. Start small by baking for your friends. Attractive packaging and branding can go a long way. Baked goods look appetizing online, too. The internet can be your venue to grow your small business. Supplying pastries to a local coffee shop can also be a great opportunity. A great advantage of entering the food business is that you can expand it continuously. You can earn a living if your baked goods are irresistible.


A lot of businesses that required close physical contact closed down last year. Some of them weren’t able to compensate. If you were employed in a spa, you know exactly how the industry went down when the pandemic hit. If you got laid off, this could be an appropriate time to earn from your amazing reflexology skills. Turn your house into a spa and set a relaxing mood. Your customers will greatly appreciate a zen ambiance in your mini spa. Putting effort into your home business can drive clients’ enthusiasm.

Home Brewing

Just like food, alcoholic beverages are always in high demand, too. If you’re into home brewing, you can turn your hobby into a very profitable business by selling home-brewed beer. Shop for bottling supplies that can transform your products into a marketable charm. There are many galaxy hop options to give your beer a little tang and aroma. Explore other flavors to offer a variety of options for your prospective customers. The classic ice-cold beer will never go out of trend.



There is a decent market for plants and flowers today. To cope with boredom, some people get into gardening. However, there are some people who can’t grow their own plants, and they are your target market. If growing plants has been your hobby for the past months, you may have already mastered the art. You can turn your hobby into a business by selling the houseplants and flowers that you’ve grown beautifully. Succulents and cacti are bankable varieties, too. Their online popularity has grown drastically. Make them look good for social media and sell them online. That way, you will get your first sale in no time.


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed a lot of businesses online, and one of the sectors is photography. Attract clients by updating your online portfolio. Give them your best shots. If you’re getting a lot of good reviews for your photographs, turn those compliments into profit. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different niches. Local events can help you increase your income, too. Join social media groups and forums to get nearby gigs. There’s nothing better than an exquisitely photographed moment. Preserving them artistically is necessary now that everything seems to move fast.

Pet Sitting

Your love of pets can help you earn money. People who go to work need someone to take good care of their pets. They can also enlist your dog walking service. Pet sitting can be profitable in a community where pet owners are usually busy. So if you enjoy playing with pets in your free time, you might as well turn your enjoyment into something profitable.

It’s hard to get through the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. The next best thing to do is to rely on yourself and your skills. Maximize your potential and discover new hobbies. Running a business with your skills can keep you productive during the pandemic.


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