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Change for the Better: 3 Mindset Shifts to Fully Embrace Entrepreneurship

The biggest change you’ll ever make when you decide to leave the corporate job and take the plunge in business isn’t the time you get up in the morning, not even the state of your financial stability. It’s the mindset you allow to rule over your decisions and actions. It’s not easy to take on an entrepreneurial perspective. It’s even more difficult when you do it while shedding off the employee’s outlook. But that shift is necessary and more importantly, achievable. Start making the change in these following aspects as you grow your business:

On opportunities: from “Yes, yes, yes!” to “No.”

When you’re an employee, working on so many projects is a plus for career growth. It sharpens skills, improves knowledge, and expands your professional network. But when you decide to become an entrepreneur, saying yes to everything will be the death of your business. Juggling too many ideas will get you nowhere near your goals. In fact, it might just keep you from getting started in the first place. So keep your head on one endeavor at a time. And don’t overestimate your self-control on trying out other opportunities. When you already see how this or that idea is picking up popularity, you may feel the urge to jump into the bandwagon, too, before you even see the success of your endeavor. As early as now, understand that just because a business idea is popular doesn’t mean it’s a profitable one. Take new opportunities with a grain of salt. Research well. And when you’re done with your homework, be firm in saying no, if necessary.

On knowledge: from “I should know everything” to “I should strive to learn day by day.”

For employees, the way to climb the corporate ladder is to be the smartest person in the room. Or at least, pretend to be. Fake it ‘til you make it. For entrepreneurs, the one who’s most willing to admit that they don’t know everything is the person most likely to succeed. This is the person who will listen more, accept sound advice, and use that for business growth. If you choose to be in a very competitive field, like the fashion industry, it’s especially crucial to be open to learnings and not to be pretentious about your capabilities. If you’re just starting, it’s worth considering fashion franchise opportunities, as you can take advantage of the training and support the parent company provides in such a business model. This will greatly help in knowing the ins and outs of the industry.

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On fear: from “I should go with the flow” to “I shouldn’t resist it.”

When an employee is thrown into an unfamiliar task, they can always look to their superior or colleagues to know what to do. And from there, copy what everybody else is doing. In the case of entrepreneurs, being out of your comfort zone should be something you learn to embrace. You should be seeking out avenues where you will be pushed to the edge. Because more often than not, that’s where innovation happens. That is where you become more committed to your vision and goals. Now, of course, it’s not always easy to embrace the discomfort of being out of the comfort zone. And of course, you should be careful in taking risks. That’s why it’s essential to surround yourself with individuals who are in the habit of pursuing the same. Join local business communities or find yourself a mentor then.

Make the Shift

It’s never easy to adopt the business mindset, especially when you’ve been a corporate employee for a long time. But start with these critical few. Gradually, you’ll find yourself thinking more like an entrepreneur.

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