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Top Eight Video Marketing Benefits for Your Business

Video marketing is a great way to reach potential customers. It’s also the most popular type of content on social media. It’s not just effective but “in,” too. But there are many other reasons why video marketing is worth investing in for your business. The following are eight ways video can help with your online strategy:

1. Video ads outperform traditional banner ads by 200% in terms of click-through rates

Video catches the user’s attention and compels them to watch. This makes it easier for them to comprehend the information you are trying to communicate, which increases your chances of having customers take action.

2. Video engages more than banners or text on websites

It is said that video marketing has 14 times more user interaction than text and images combined. That’s because people inherently need additional context to understand things they see, and video is a great way to create that. Running software for your video server can help distribute more videos.

Many customers check out websites before they buy anything, and videos help to tell your story in a more compelling way than words on a page. They also make it possible for you to connect with potential customers in an authentic manner, which is the key differentiator when it comes to excellent marketing content.

3. Video is good for SEO


Videos on your site can increase its ranking. If you want people to watch videos of yours, make them easy to find with SEO-friendly tags on search engines like Google or Bing. Additionally, you can post your videos on YouTube or other video sites and access them on your website, blog, or other social media.

You can use videos on social media or on your website to explain the benefits of your product, how to use it or what problem it solves.

4. You get up to 95% more views on YouTube than if you only uploaded the same video as an image file

Adding video links from YouTube to your site or blog can increase your page views by 95%. You don’t have to post the whole video, which is the trend today in marketing. 5-second video ads are the most popular type of video on social media.

YouTube alone is the second-largest search engine in the world (after Google, obviously). You can use this to your advantage by driving interested users interested in relevant videos. But make sure that they can find your videos on YouTube at least.

5. Videos can be shared far and wide with ease, thanks to their small size

Videos are shared via links, making it easy to share them with friends on social media who then share them with others. Sharing is what leads to customer acquisition. You can post a link to a video on any social media. Your followers and friends can pick up on the link, and they can share it as well.

6. You can target your audience more accurately

People respond better to video marketing because they are not being sold all the time, which allows for more natural communication with customers where everyone benefits. You can also use targeting options within video ads to target your audience specifically. Content marketing videos do not need to sell the product.  Sending the right video at the right time to your customers could make all the difference in terms of whether they come back for more or not. As long as you explain product benefits and how it can solve their problems.

7. Video marketing is cheaper than other forms of marketing

Videos that you create yourself are much cheaper than other kinds of marketing because the only cost is what you spend creating them, or in some cases licensing existing content. You can also spend more on top-tier videos for premium results. You can also convert text or presentations to videos and play these on your site.

Since the text is limited, some ideas are hard to convey very well with words alone. Sometimes it’s best to show someone what you mean instead of having them read about it. This is where video comes in very handy!

8. Video is great for e-commerce business

Videos on product pages cannot only increase conversion rates but also help with upselling and cross-selling too. With a video, you can explain the features and benefits. It’s like having an infomercial on your site. Most e-commerce videos incorporate the text on the page. Visitors don’t need to read the article; instead, they can have the video running while they continue browsing your site. Properly designing your video will lead potential customers to trust you. When they do, they are more likely to purchase from you if the offer is right.

Videos are a good option for any business. You have to find a creative way to show your audience how it benefits them, and things will go smoothly.  And don’t forget about creating a compelling title for your video so that people will have more interest in it.

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