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How to Get Your House in Order Before the Baby Comes

Congratulations, you have a baby on the way! But we all know that it’s not all glamour and what Instagram models want us to think. Having a baby in your house means never having enough sleep, always feeling bone-deep exhausted, and looking at your back because who knows if your baby suddenly decides to crawl, stand, or walk and your house isn’t ready for that. Even before you pop, get your house and affairs in order.

Your house might need ozone treatment in the UK, so it’s best to have that before the baby comes. Ozone treatment removes odours, germs, bacteria, pests, and mould from your home. But since ozone can be dangerous to one’s health, you must read the safety instructions first before using an ozone generator. As a rule, make sure that the machine is turned off and that the air settles down inside the room for about two to three hours before going back in. Now that the house is purified and the foul odour, mould, pests, and viruses are removed, what more can you do to prep the house for your baby?

Make It Safe

One day, you’re cooing to your baby who’s lying down snugly in her crib, and the next, you’re running after them as they learn how to walk. Babies become mobile practically overnight. You’ll be surprised. It’s best to prepare your house for a nosy and curious baby. Make sure that the cabinets containing the cleaning materials are locked. Remove the knives and other kitchen utensils from places that the baby can reach. Store your medicine out of sight. If you have firearms in the house, remove the ammunition and lock it away in separate cabinets or drawers.

Prep the Food

You’re going to pop soon. Have you prepped your food for the next month or so? No? Are you sure you’re going down that route? Having a baby means that you won’t have time to prepare a meal. Even frying a sausage might be difficult if you’re living alone. Prepare food for the next weeks. Do batch cooking and put them in the freezer so that you can just pop them in the oven to heat when the baby’s already home.

Clean Your House

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According to the National Sanitation Foundation International, the areas of the house that have most germs are the kitchen sinks, stove knobs, faucet handles, and the refrigerator handles. If your baby is sensitive to germs or even a bit of bacteria, these areas can cause problems. Make sure to clean and sanitise them before the baby comes. As an extra precaution, put sanitising wipes near these areas so that you can wipe them regularly.

Ready the Nursery Room

If you are going to have a nursery room for the baby, make sure that it’s dark and quiet. Use blackout curtains for the windows so that light won’t stream in early in the morning. If you live in a noisy area, consider getting a white noise machine to block out the sounds.

It is important to do all of these before the baby comes and more possibly, even before your bump gets too big. Ask your partner to do most of the heavy tasks. Prepping the house could be a great bonding experience for soon-to-be-parents like yourselves.

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