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Hustle: Carving Out Space as an Artist

There is no other way to succeed on your own terms in the creative field than to hustle. Artists need to motivate themselves, be persistent, and seek networking opportunities that can generate clients.

An artist must always be prepared to present their work to potential clients.

As a freelancer, there are no set hours, any opportunity at any time to generate interest in your work is the right time.

It can be tempting to simply focus on creating, but this is not feasible. You must develop a clear plan with an awareness of the limitations that affect you and how to overcome them. This will help you to form the path which you can take towards being a full-time artist with a regular income.

Seek Financial Literacy Now

It is never too soon to become financially literate. This is true whether you have recently graduated from art school, or you are a practicing artist trying to understand why you spend more than you make.

It is a myth that you need to have money to save money. A well-thought-out budget can help you make the most out of every earning and keep you on track. So many artists are plagued by student loans and bills that they wait years to pay these off before launching their artistic dreams.

Identify what your biggest financial concern is, and do some research on how to tackle it. It is more important for your financial standing to prioritize your high-interest loans over your student debt. You might find that consolidating your debt eases your financial burdens.

By monitoring your spending and being consistent, you can break even or see a profit, much sooner than you had anticipated.

Identify Your Target Market

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Art is subjective and therefore not everyone will recognize the value of your creations. You must strategize a way to find the specific demographic which will appreciate and then purchase your work.

Pay attention to the people who admire your art, and who buys a piece. The target market might not always be who you think. Once you have identified the characteristics of the people who purchase your art, craft your marketing to appeal to them.

There is no point in making broad and generic marketing plans. It can even cause a barrier as people who are prone to purchasing art are looking for specificity. They want a personal connection to the artwork and the artist. A generic marketing plan removes this personal touch.

It might take a little longer to grow your client base, but focusing your efforts on your target market guarantees a loyal customer base. These are the people who will return to make more purchases, and their word of mouth will generate new customers within the same target demographic. These new customers will also be more likely to make purchases as they have their friends’ recommendations.

Polish Your Online Image

You might have found your target market, and you might be maintaining close personal contacts with them. But you are not doing your art justice if you do not allow as many people as possible to experience it.

Art is for the viewer. You have a responsibility as the creator to find the people who need to view it. This means that you need to approach your online image more systematically with business in mind. Identify online platforms that are respected and suitable for showcasing your artwork. Be more systematic in updating your official social media platforms and communicate regularly with your followers.

Find a way to showcase your brand on your digital platforms. Consistency is paramount in establishing an online presence. Make sure that your posts and shared content align with your brand and art form.

Potential new clients are more likely to be interested in exploring your work if you present yourself in a way that draws their attention. Take what you learned from identifying your target market and tweak and adapt it to  the digital platform.

Art is not for the fainthearted. The pitfalls and difficulties faced by today’s artists can be different from those faced by those of the past, but they are no different in the way they test your mettle.

This is your time to make your mark. Combining online and offline opportunities guarantee you a local as well as an international audience for your art.

All you need is a willingness to keep learning, keep growing, and determination to make your art on your terms.

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