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Moving Cardboard Boxes: How Do You Get Rid of Them?

Moving around a lot, you use several cardboard boxes to carry your stuff. After you’ve finally settled in somewhere, you soon realise that you’ve accumulated a large number of cardboard boxes, which you’re now having a difficult time getting rid of.

If this happens to you, below are useful tips you can follow.

Hire a pro

The easiest way to get rid of your cardboard boxes is to hire a waste paper disposal company to take them away from you. You can find several firms online, and you can canvass each one of them so that you can get a crew with the lowest rates.

But if you’re going this route, you should make sure that your cardboard boxes are ready for pick-up. Some waste disposal crews require that you pile up your cardboard boxes and flatten them so that it’s easier to pick them up.

Also, remove all items inside the boxes. To prepare your cardboard boxes for pick-up, here’s what you should do:

Gather them into piles

Cut them into smaller pieces if they’re huge

Cut the packaging tape underneath the box

Fold them and then flatten them with your hands

Place the boxes next to your bin and not inside

Give them away

couple putting things in a boxAnother option for you, if you don’t want to spend money on a waste disposal unit, is to ask your neighbours or friends if they want to take your cardboard boxes. There are many uses to cardboard boxes, and perhaps some of your friends are just waiting to get some.

So, call up your friends and let them know you have some boxes you want to get rid of and they might want to come around and pick them up. In case they also don’t want to clutter their homes with your boxes, there are still other ways to get rid of your stuff.

You can go on eBid or eBay and sell your cardboard boxes online. A lot of people buy various stuff on eBid, so there’s a chance that someone might be interested in taking your cardboard boxes. You can also go to Preloved or Gumtree to sell your cardboard boxes. They’re similar to eBid and eBay.

If that option still isn’t feasible, you can give away your boxes to charity. There are homeless shelters in the UK that might need your cardboard boxes. So, give them a call and ask them if they would like to unburden you by getting your boxes. You could also drive to the nearest recycling station to get rid of your boxes.

Use them

If after all your efforts, you still have some cardboard boxes you just can’t get rid of, you could make use of them in your home. Cardboard boxes are great as a temporary shelf or container. You can also use them in your garden if you want to segregate your plants from each other.

Getting rid of cardboard boxes doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you’re resourceful and creative, you can find ways to either get rid of it or find a use for it.

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