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Things To Consider When Doing Product Photography for Your Jewelry Shop

  • Invest in quality lighting, backgrounds, and equipment to capture beautiful product photos for your jewelry shop. 
  • Consider angles when photographing to successfully highlight features of the pieces and create engaging visuals.
  • Props can be used to drive consumer interest and showcase the personality of products. 
  • Editing your photos with Photoshop is an essential step to creating professional, high-quality images.

As a jewelry shop owner, product photography is essential to your business. Getting it right is vital to attract customers and showcasing your products effectively. When doing product photography for your jewelry shop, you should remember some key considerations. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to taking beautiful photos of all your unique pieces!

Photography Essentials

Considering the small size of the jewelry, you’ll need to ensure you have the essentials for photographing them. Here are some basics you should have on hand:


Product photography lighting

Poor lighting can ruin product photography for a jewelry shop, no matter how beautiful the pieces are. It is essential to focus on selecting the correct type of lighting to bring out the pieces’ beauty. Natural light works well to capture the sparkle if your shop allows it. Alternatively, buying a ring or soft box light can also help produce better-quality images for potential customers.

Proper lighting demonstrates the craftsmanship and artistry of your jewelry and gives shoppers more confidence in what they see online. The more effort invested in making sure each piece looks its best, the greater possibility you have of drawing customers into the store.


Product photography for your jewelry shop will help create an inviting, sophisticated look. To achieve this, one must effectively consider the background in each shot. Backgrounds include the environment in which your products are situated, whether on a clean, white table or in a contrasting natural setting.

The choice of background should depend on the style of jewelry and the mood you are trying to convey. Additionally, backgrounds should be considered when curating stories about your products. For example, for beach-inspired pieces, it would make sense to stage photographs against a picturesque oceanfront backdrop – highlighting the beauty of each design with an appropriate context.

Ultimately, by taking special care to consider backgrounds when doing product photography for your jewelry shop, you will elevate your aesthetic and create photos that vividly bring your brand’s story to life.


Product photography for jewelry shops requires careful consideration of angles. A photographer’s understanding of the desired finished product is critical to achieving results. Angle selection significantly affects how accurately the viewer can see the product’s detail from any given perspective or whether they can fully appreciate it.

Not only does angle determine how close the camera needs to be, but it also affects primary lighting positions and highlighting elements of the piece that you want different angles to display; this may include gemstones, intricate metals and designs, and overall shape. Paying attention to angles helps capture all these features in a way that displays them as intended – while creating exciting visuals. Understanding angles are key to creating successful product photos for your jewelry business.


A photographer using his camera

When taking product photography for a jewelry shop, equipment is an important consideration. It is essential to ensure that photographs are crisp, clear, and vibrant, with well-balanced lighting to draw attention to the delicacy of the product.

Different types of equipment, such as studio lighting, macro lenses, tripods, and backdrops, should be considered when producing these stunning shots. Investing in quality equipment and ensuring proper techniques will help produce high-quality images that showcase the piece’s beauty and boost sales.


Props are essential for jewelry product photography, as they help to draw attention to the pieces being showcased. When considering props for a photo shoot, it is best to plan and select items that will complement and enhance the look of the jewelry. Consider themes, colors, shapes, and textures when selecting props so that the focus remains on the jewels.

Additionally, think about how different angles of a prop may add dimension or contrast with your jewelry pieces. The use of props can be an excellent way to capture the personality of products within an editorial setting, adding added layers & emotion to otherwise flat images. Importantly, by using creative props in product photography, retailers can showcase their designs dynamically and drive greater consumer interest.

Photo Editing

Photo editing is an essential step when taking product photos for jewelry. Learning how to retouch jewelry in Photoshop is an important task that could mean serious business growth for your jewelry shop. The skill set required to perfect jewelry photography can be difficult, but photo editing helps bring the visuals from good to great.

All aspects of light, shadow, and color should be considered along with user preferences when retouching jewelry in Photoshop. Professionally edited images are more likely to convert potential customers into buyers and give your shop a competitive edge over others in the market.

These are the key considerations for taking product photography for a jewelry shop. By adhering to these helpful tips, you will be able to capture visuals of your creations that are simply stunning, appealing to customers, and highlight your products. With stunning visuals, you can easily stand out from the competition and drive more sales for your business.

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