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Smart Ways to Lower Your Heating Bills

Unless you embrace modern heating solutions such as cartridge heaters, your electricity bills can leave a massive dent in your pocket. These customizable heaters provide a powerful heat source without draining your electricity. Since the heating element in encased and not in contact with the medium, the consumption is quite low. In addition to getting these new heaters, there are ways to lower your electricity bills:

Switch to Energy-saving Bulbs

It is no surprise that replacing regular bulbs with light-emitting diodes and compact fluorescent lights lowers your electrical bills. What you might not know is just how much money that single move can save your business — using an 18-watt energy-efficient bulb for 10 hours instead of a 60-watt bulb amounts to a dollar in savings every month. Okay, saving 52 dollars year might come off as too much effort for too little reward, but that’s not the case.

Multiply that figure by the number of bulbs in your facility. The value could amount to tens of thousands of dollars each year. Best of all, you get to reap long-term benefits as well. Some LED bulbs have a long service life, letting you lower your energy consumption by up 75 percent for up to two decades.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Nothing can leave a massive dent in your pocket than constantly heating empty space. Unfortunately, most companies don’t realize how doing so drivers up their energy bills. With a programmable thermostat, you can better control of the temperature under control, especially during weekends, nights, and holidays.

person adjusting thermostatYou can set these handy gadgets to turn on30 minutes before workers are due to report for work. You can also set them to turn off 30 minutes to an hour after the workers leave. During warm months, don’t lower the temperatures below 78 degrees to reduce your energy consumption. In colder months, don’t set them higher than 68 degrees.

Keep that Conditioned Air Inside

It will amount to a total waste of resources if all your expensive conditioned air manages to find its way outside. A gentle breeze sweeping into your facility might not be a cause for alarms except it is. That’s your money and electricity floating out of the building. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to save money right away.

You can start by weather stripping your windows and doors to seal off spaces, gaps, and cracks. Window treatments amount to a significant investment as they make it easy to cool your offices during the warm weather. They also keep your windows from serving as heat sinks during the cold seasons. You can have your pick from a myriad of window treatments, including reflective window films, solar screen shades, or awnings.

With the cost of electricity spiraling out of control with each passing year, you need to find ways to lower your energy consumption. A low electricity bill amounts to considerable savings each year. Switching to efficient lighting systems and improving your facility’s ability to retain the conditioned air translates to significant savings over the years.

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