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Top Seven Team-building Activities to Build Rapport Among Coworkers

Are you aware that a large number of the working population are staying in their jobs because they love their peers? Have you worked in a company before? Did you stay friends with your coworkers? It is inevitable that workmates will develop friendships mainly because they spend so much time together that even their personal lives have become intertwined. Still, team-building activities play an important role in the cohesive work relationship of your employees.

Sports Activities

Invest in radar guns for baseball and form a mini baseball league. Many of your employees follow certain sports—whether it’s tennis, baseball, basketball, or billiards. If baseball is the common denominator among your employees, then group them into two and let them play against each other. The rules of baseball should be simple, and don’t put too much pressure on each team to win. You want them to have fun, and not kill each other because the other team is a sore loser.

Campfire Stories

Gather your employees around a bonfire, and let them tell a story about how they began their jobs in your company. Words such as “first day,” “work,” “travel,” and “side project” should be the trigger words. Allow each one to share a story about themselves, whether it is directly related to the keyword or not. This will help everyone get to know their workmates a little better.


What could be more fun than singing your heart out to your favorite tune? Why, air-singing them, of course! There is no need for a videoke machine. You just blast a song out of your Bluetooth speakers, and let the group lip-sync while “performing” with imaginary instruments. If they want, they can also do it complete with costumes and props.


Food is the one great equalizer. No matter what kind of tension runs between coworkers, food might be able to work that tension out. Ask your employees to share their favorite dishes at least once a month. You can have a cook-off where the employees would try to outdo each other in terms of the taste of the food they bring and the presentation of the dishes.

Scavenger Hunt

This requires an elaborate setup, but everyone will be having fun by the end of the day. What would be a good object to hunt for? Maybe a “certification” of paid leaves for the group that will win the hunt? Surely, everyone will participate in the hunt, and they’ll be super passionate to win this game.

Water Balloon Toss

Play dodgeball with the water balloons during a hot summer day. You can break the employees in pairs and have them throw water balloons at each other. The last pair standing will win the game.

Community Service

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Pick a charity or an issue in the community that needs your support. Next, discuss with the group why this is important to the company and why they should invest their time in helping build the community. Remember that this same community will be your business’ market, so it’s important to integrate your company to these people.

Building the rapport and chemistry of your team doesn’t have to be such a huge deal. It doesn’t have to be expensive or an out-of-town stay in an expensive resort or hotel. Simple everyday things such as eating lunch together can build a team that can work cohesively.

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