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Unique Marketing Strategies That Can Work for You

As an entrepreneur, you’re typically just one step away from getting struck by lightning and rich beyond your wildest dreams, but the path from idea to impact can look like a long road filled with failure and rejection, followed by success and riches. Why? It’s because becoming successful as an entrepreneur isn’t as easy as many people think it is, plus we all tend to give up when we face the inevitable challenges that come along this journey called life.

So how do you increase your chances of success and overcoming obstacles? By using modern marketing strategies to your benefit.

Online Marketing to Make Your Success Come Faster

One of the benefits of using online channels to market a business or product is gauging their impact and how visitors connect with a website or landing page experience. However, half of the visitors who come to your site are likely to convert into customers, while the other half is likely to fall off shortly after searching for information. However, there are many ways you can optimize the traffic to your website and make sure you get as many of those visits as possible to turn them into leads or sales. That’s why it’s also critical to focus on lead conversion, not just lead generation, when creating online marketing content.

Utilize Video Marketing in Your Campaign

In the digital realm, video marketing has proven its worth time and again, with 94 percent of respondents stating that video content influenced their buying decisions. With this in mind, it’s best to employ marketing tactics that will improve your overall online video marketing strategy:

  • Create great video content
  • Use the right platform
  • Include calls-to-action
  • Optimize your YouTube channel
  • Consider other platforms beyond YouTube

Consider having your own video producer make videos for you, using stock footage and music that matches your brand identity. Use analytics tools to analyze how viewers engage with your video content. Keep posting new content consistently, so your audience never gets bored, and soon you’ll find that your audience is becoming consistent customers.

Refine Your Product and Market Its Greatest Features

No matter how excellent your marketing skills are, you’ll make less money on a bad product than you will on a valuable one–so always create your products with love and quality. The better the quality of your product, service, or package is, the more likely people are to buy it. This means that your buyers will be happier and more loyal to you (and therefore you as a company) if you deliver on your promises. So put effort into refining your product and marketing what makes your product stand out. Simply putting up ads and promotional material for your business or service isn’t enough. You have to show why it would benefit your customers as well.

Pull Off a Safe Marketing Stunt

There are numerous reasons for using a publicity stunt in marketing. They can be used to increase brand awareness and generate publicity and interest in a product or service, often when other forms of advertising (such as billboards, TV ads, or radio commercials) have failed to do so. Stunts can also be used to promote businesses, charities, causes, and political parties.

You don’t have to do crazy publicity stunts that might get you and your business ostracized. You can opt for “tamer” publicity stunts but garners the same effect, as long as it’s in line with your business. Cook barbecue on a boat to promote your restaurant’s dishes. Do flash mobs in parks or crosswalks (with permission, of course) to advertise your clothing brand. The gravity of the stunt can make a difference, but if you’re getting a lot of eyes on your product, then the campaign is working.

Put Humor in Your Ads

Everyone likes a good laugh, and if it benefits your brand to make people smile, it’s a good idea to inject humor into your ad materials. Humor also makes people feel better about themselves, which can be valuable in promoting your brand’s message, especially if you are trying to change attitudes towards a product or service that is not popular in general (but which may be a great value). Humor can help break down barriers between cultures and languages and make it easier for customers from different backgrounds to communicate with one another. These benefits should be used whenever possible, as they will help your business grow more effectively and efficiently.

Hopefully, you find these marketing strategies effective. And should it not work out for you, always remember that there’s a lesson to be learned from failures.

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