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4 Essentials of an Online Ad

With the world’s constant technological advancement, business strategies also continue to evolve. The corporate world has come a long way from using traditional means of advertising to utilizing complex online marketing tools. In fact, according to experts, information found on the Internet can influence the purchases of 82% of consumers.

Granted, online marketing is beneficial to all types of businesses. However, for a digital advertisement to be effective, it requires certain elements, such as a good copy, creative graphic design, and appropriate platform.

What is the AIDA Model?

The AIDA model is used in advertising to describe the process that a consumer goes through upon being exposed to an advertisement.

It starts with getting the “attention” of the potential buyer and moves to gaining their “interest.” The next step is building a “desire” to obtain the product or experience the service being promoted. Lastly, the consumer is persuaded to take “action” by making a purchase or closing a deal.

As explained, there are three main elements needed for this process to be possible.

  • Advertisement Copy

The term “copy” pertains to the text of an advertising message in print, radio, television, or an online platform. A good advertisement copy is succinct and catchy. Creative wordplay is also helpful in catching the attention of prospective buyers.

A skillfully written copy is able to keep a consumer reading until the end. It’s also advisable that the copy should be short and concise, especially since people today have busy lifestyles and only skim through an entire text.

Aside from the wording, another factor in writing an impactful copy is consumer research. This allows the copywriter or ad agency to construct a composition based on the preferences, needs, and demands of the target market.

  • Graphic Design

Graphic design pertains to the visual aspects of an ad, including the photos, logos, layouts, typography, color palette, and illustrations. Graphics are also needed in creating product packages, improving websites, designing book covers, and more.

Like the advertising copy, the graphic design needs to make a lasting impact. It’s important to implement graphics that convey the image, theme, and story of the brand. When a potential customer visits the page of a website or sees a social media post, they make an initial judgment based on visual elements like the font and colors used. It’s also indispensable that the graphic design complements the copy to promote coherence.

  • Platform

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Selecting the appropriate platform is integral to the success of an advertisement. The platform also indicates the length and tonality of the copy. For instance, if the ad will be posted on a social media page or account, the copy must be short.

Another factor in choosing the most suitable platform is the target market of the ad. Data from consumer research can be used to determine the preferred and most frequently visited online platform of the target consumers.

To communicate a message well, it’s indispensable to take into consideration certain elements that will help attract attention, sustain interest, fuel a desire, and communicate a call to action.


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