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Guide to Finding the Right Safety Eyewear

Industrial-related eye issues are commonly the result of metal or plastic debris reaching the eye, chemical splashes, tools accidentally hitting the face and the eyes, and misuse of equipment. Wearing safety eyeglasses is critical to protect your eyes sufficiently, especially if you are in a working environment that requires chopping of bricks with a hammer and chisel.

There many occupations in which you would need to protect your eyes. The list includes food processing, welding, fire fighting, and many others. Not only for workers, the eyewear that adequately protects the eyes is also used by athletes and those who are fond of travelling and adventures.

Discover some of the important things you need to learn about protective eyewear.

Australian Standards for Protective Spectacles

In Australia, safety glasses are regarded as certified products when they meet the following critical elements:

  • Suitable frame: The AS/NZS 1337 has requires that the frames meet the minimum lens dimension. Side shields protect the wearer from side impact. The recommended frames should be molded or riveted, meaning it must be forever attached, instead of screwed on. For low impact, you need two ellipses 42mm wide and 32mm high centered on a 64mm pupil distance (PD). For medium impact, you need two ovals 42mm wide x 35mm high.
  • Proper lens material and thickness: When you buy protective eyewear, choose the one that passes the safety standards; the one that has the Australian Standards logo. This gives you the certainty that the eyewear conforms to tests for impact resistance.
  • The right fitting: Thankfully, the availability of thermoplastic materials such as polycarbonate provides the wearer complete comfort. Polycarbonate lenses provide the highest level of defense. When the lenses are held securely, they won’t be dislodged under the impact.
  • Labelling and reassuring compliance: Always check the logo and the manufacturer’s name on the frame and lenses. The manufacturer must properly mark lenses and frames. By checking the marks, you and the manufacturer would be able to identify more naturally if the product has been changed, like re-glazed frames. It helps you check the material in the event of product failure.

Tips for You

Complete safety gear

To achieve optimum comfort at work or any adventure you wish to have, it’s highly recommended that you choose the eyewear or goggles that come in a lightweight design. It will help you in doing your activities comfortably for long periods.

Protecting your eyes regularly helps you save time and money. Aside from having a high-impact rating, most protective glasses have special vital features, such as the following:

  • 99% protection from UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun
  • Filters to protect your eyes from extreme brightness; for instance, when you are welding
  • Corrective lenses, helping you see better when performing your activities
  • Outstanding styles, bringing comfort and flexibility

When you work in a chemical laboratory or your job involves woodworking, you need to protect your eyes. Find the right spectacles that you need by considering the information mentioned above. It could mean the difference between losing your eyesight and keeping your eyes safe.

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