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How Product Photography Influences the E-Commerce Industry

Photography has made a ground-breaking impact in a lot of industries around the world. Whether you’re staring at advertisements of burgers and soda in large billboards, models with their lingeries, or photos of your friend’s wedding from a month ago, you can’t deny that photography has played a role in how we see a lot of aspects of our community.

It’s quite apparent that in an era where everything is automated, ordering your favorite gadget and shirt is just a click away from your phone. For the majority of the population that’s residing in rural areas, e-commerce platforms can make shopping so much easier. It’s no surprise why the e-commerce industry has been growing at an unprecedented rate for the last couple of years.

Around 42% of individuals in the United States and about 1.66 billion users around the world usually rely on online shopping when buying their products. However, one of the nuances of online shopping from the traditional form of shopping is that you can’t see, feel, and touch the product in front of you. So what’s the best way of being able to make an excellent first impression of the product? Product photography is considered to be a suitable way of showing the customer a proper image of the product.

Photography’s Influence

Photography has had a long-standing place in several businesses for decades. Even during the turn towards the 20th century, taking photos has helped businesses flourish while making the public aware of the war effort of several different major armed conflicts.

Throughout most of the history of businesses that rely on products, creative beauty photography has played a major role in advertising and marketing, especially for modeling agencies, commercial establishments, and fashion wears

Media Is Everything

When was the last time that you read an advertisement in the newspaper that didn’t have an image of it? If it’s rare to never, that’s because 93% of customers would prefer visually-stimulating content rather than having to read and imagine what it looks like. Almost everyone will use images as a key factor in deciding if they are going to purchase the product.

Since you won’t be able to make an actual size comparison with a product on websites, customers won’t be able to make any judgments on the dimensions and the first impression of the product, compared to being able to see, feel, and touch them from traditional stores. As such, images are an excellent way for customers to get a good impression of the product.

Bringing Photos to Life 

It might seem like investing in a high-quality camera might be an extra cost when a phone’s camera can get the point through, but around 78% of customers in e-commerce want photos that can tell a story of the product. Most customers are more willing to buy from a website with high-definition images. There are some instances were sites will use a three-dimensional layout of the product to give the customer a full view of everything.

Most customers want to visualize how they can use the product in their everyday lives. More importantly, customers want to be able to know about the key features and advantages that the product can offer, which can be conveyed through photography and design.

However, if you do know your way around your smartphone’s camera and you have the necessary applications to produce high-quality photos, then you can use it.

Authentic Shots

Shooting Table and studio lighting system

For most individuals, a part of the shopping experience is going to vast malls, looking for the product, and taking in the different encounters while you’re there. One of the best ways to make this happen is by using large ‘official’ high-quality photos that will draw customers in. That is one of the reasons that billboards and tarpaulins have been a popular form of advertisement as the attention of most customers are drawn to these large images.

It’s also worth noting that search engines and online platforms can reverse search images, so having unique and properly optimized and original photos will help set your product as something different. After all, the best way to sell a product is to not go with the flow but to ultimately set yourself apart from the rest.

To get straight to the point: photography is an essential part of almost any marketing department for any time of industry. For every emerging and burgeoning e-commerce business, the product photography is essential in creating original and captivating content for a high-competitive audience. 

Of course, there’s more to photography than making an image high-quality, it’s also about lighting, aperture, the theme you convey, and ultimately how it affects the customer. Hiring a professional photographer for products will definitely help skyrocket sales.

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