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Shield Against Hackers: Three Best Ways to Protect Your Digital Company

The internet is a big place. About 1.95 billion websites are on the world wide web, with millions of them being company websites and online stores. Some of these companies are primarily digital, which means that they don’t have a physical store or office. And these companies are open to the dangers of the internet, such as data breaches, hacking, and viruses. If you’re one of these digital companies, you should start considering ways to protect your website and, ultimately, your business from these dangers. Here are some ways you can do that.

Consider Using HTTPS

There had been 4.1 billion records exposed from data breaches in 2019 alone. Some of these data are useless, but some can be highly sensitive. They could be credit card numbers, home addresses, or personal contacts. These data breaches can bring down your digital company if it does ever happen to you. Your first line of defense against this is using Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) for your website.

HTTPS is a way to secure data transfers on your website. This means that if you have clients or employees who enter their credentials into your website, their information is safe from outside sources. An HTTPS can be an important tool for companies that work primarily online, such as search engine optimization (SEO) companies. They can benefit from HTTPS greatly as it secures user information and the information of their articles.

It also keeps the website free from any data transfer malfunctions because HTTPS creates a secure line for data transfers. Additionally, HTTPS can help with managing who enters and who is blocked from the site. This can actively prevent intruders from entering your website.

HTTPS is your shield against the initial and general dangers of the internet. It gives you many benefits for the cost of one, and in some cases, you don’t even need to buy it. You have to choose website hosting services that have this integrated within their system.

Backup Your Files

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If you’re a digital company that uses the internet to store data, you should be religiously backing up your files. A single malware can mean an end to all the data you’ve worked for years if your data isn’t backed up or if it has no duplicated copy.

Backing up your files can be done through various software on the internet. Some even add inherent protection against malware. However, the simplest way is to use cloud services to back up your files. Putting your data in a secure cloud means that it can’t be reached by malware. It also means that if your website does get hit by malware, you have your data safe and sound in the cloud. You can easily retrieve those data back and keep your website running.

One example of how backing up your files can save your digital company is the San Francisco Train System (SFTS). SFTS was hit by ransomware a couple of years ago, with the attackers demanding $73,000 from the company. However, the SFTS never paid the attackers because they had backed up their data before the attack.

Backing up your files is a simple process that many digital companies forget. However, this simple process can save your company from the brink of collapse.

Penetration Testing

Hackers made 65 million new malware in 2019 alone. A study has also found that there are 214 data breaches every second back in 2018. This is a scary thought for any company that relies on the internet. It’s a drastic time for any company on the internet, and drastic times call for drastic measures. If your website has ever been breached for the last five years, it’s time to test your network through an ethical hacking method known as penetration testing.

Penetration testing asks ethical hackers to hack into your website to see possible routes that malware can enter into your network. The simulated attack can help highlight vulnerabilities in your website. In turn, you can find ways to patch them up. Additionally, ethical hackers who have done the testing for you can fix these problems or even offer solutions based on their experiences. It’s a costly project but worth it if you want to have the maximum protection for your digital company.

Protecting your digital company is no easy task. There are many vulnerabilities in how the internet works today, and traditional firewall software is no longer a viable protection tool against intruders. Consider doing all the things we have listed in this list. It can offer you maximum protection against malware and hackers looking to breach your company.

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