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Sports Day Games and Activities for Company Team Building Events

  • Sports days are a great way to bring employees together in a fun and energizing environment.
  • Football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and table tennis are some great team-building games to organize.
  • Investing in a baseball radar gun display board can add extra excitement to the game.
  • When planning a corporate sports day, consider the level of skill and fitness, company culture, available space and demographics of your employees.

Team building is an essential part of any organization. It fosters a positive attitude, improves communication, and enhances teamwork. Hosting a sports day for your company is an excellent way to spice up your team-building events.

With a blend of physical challenges, teamwork, and fun, sports activities are perfect for warming up people and breaking the ice. Here are some thrilling games and activities you can organize for a memorable sports day that will leave your team charged up and energized.


Football is a popular sport that can be easily organized and played by any group of individuals. The game is a great way to improve teamwork, communication, and strategizing while offering a fun and competitive environment. It can also be played indoors or outdoors, making it flexible for different weather conditions.


This sport is another team-building activity that provides an excellent opportunity for employees to bond on and off the court. Playing basketball enhances communication skills, strategic thinking, discipline, and decision-making. The game can also be adjusted to different skill levels, making it accessible to all and even non-sports enthusiasts.


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The thrill of competition is one of the most exciting parts of sports, especially in a corporate sports fest game. Baseball is a classic choice for this event, offering a fun and challenging way to foster team spirit and friendly rivalry.

But what if there was a way to take the excitement to the next level? Investing in a baseball radar gun with a display board can do just that. By tracking the speed of each pitch, you can give players and spectators alike a real-time display of their skills, adding an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the game.


Volleyball is a fun and exciting sport that teaches coordination and effective communication. The game requires players to work together, listen to each other, and make quick decisions. It is perfect for offices with limited space as it can be played indoors or outdoors.

Table Tennis

Table tennis, often dubbed the “fastest sport in the world,” has been a mainstay in corporate sports fests for years. Its high speed, intense rallies, and lightning-quick reflexes make it a thrilling game to watch and play. The beauty of table tennis lies in its simplicity; the small ball, the paddle, and the table are all you need to play.

But don’t mistake simplicity for ease of mastery – the game requires skill, strategy, and practice to excel truly. It’s no wonder table tennis is loved and revered by athletes and players of all ages and skill levels.

Things to Consider

Of course, a successful sports day requires careful planning and preparation. Some things to consider are:

The level of skill and fitness in your team

The first thing to consider when choosing sports for your corporate sports fest is your team’s skill and fitness level. If your group comprises primarily beginners, it’s important to choose sports that are easy to pick up and play.

Company culture

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Your company culture can also factor in what sports would be most appropriate for your corporate sports fest. If your company values teamwork and collaboration, sports like tug of war or relay races can offer a team-building experience.

Available space

When choosing sports for your corporate sports fest, it’s important to consider the space you have available. More enormous sports, such as soccer and touch football, require a more extensive field, whereas other sports can be played in smaller areas, such as basketball, dodgeball, or even bocce ball!

Company demographics

Your company demographics may also influence the sports best suited for your corporate sports fest. Consider the age range and physical abilities of your employees. If your company has a diverse age range, a mix of physical and mental-based sports can provide an excellent balance, e.g., mini-golf or trivia contests.

The Bottomline

Incorporating sports in corporate events effectively promotes employee health and wellbeing while enhancing workplace productivity. By selecting sports like football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, or dodgeball, the organization can encourage employees to improve their social, physical, and problem-solving skills.

It’s essential to remember that the objective is to make the games fun for everyone, regardless of their skill levels. So, choose the sport that best suits your company’s culture, resources, and skill sets, and start implementing a healthy workplace activity today!

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