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What to Check for Each Vendor’s Performance

You don’t know what everyone’s doing at all times. That’s just a fact when you’re dealing with several vendors in your marketplace. With so many things happening in any given moment, even if you are glued to your screen, you may still miss something. Until you learn to be omnipresent and omniscient, you’ll have to rely on reports to give you a snapshot of how everyone is performing.

Now, when you evaluate your vendors’ performance, what do you look at?

Ease of Use

Vendors have to consider the ease of use of their products, especially because this reflects on your company directly. If consumers are not satisfied, or they find details to be hard to grasp, they will not feel encouraged to use your marketplace. As part of keeping everyone in line and in good standing with customers, use a ServiceNow vendor performance management app liberally. Everything customers want and need to do with the app should be easy to figure out, and tools should be available to help them find their way when they’re lost.


Part of ensuring that products from vendors are easy to use is checking the documentation that goes with their product or service. Any app that promises to be a helpful tool for customers will have detailed documentation that makes it easy for anyone to figure out how the product works. For performance evaluation purposes, you will need to check that the documentation is easy to understand. It should highlight different situations that users may commonly encounter, and troubleshooting should also cover all the common problems customers might have to deal with.


Documentation will not be enough to sell a product to customers. Your vendors should also put in some effort into the technical and customer support side of the business. Any concern needs to be addressed in a timely manner, and they should have enough knowledge to help customers with bottlenecks they’ve encountered while using the products. Should there be an unusual snag preventing customers from using the app effectively, vendors need to have a responsible support system to help resolve the issue.

Additional Unique Features

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In a marketplace, it’s not just positive reviews that lead to success. Vendors also want to stand out from the rest, and to do that, they may include unique features with their products. These are bonuses when you are evaluating their performance. Though you did not specifically ask for their products to include unique features, the fact that they do will be favorable to both the users and the marketplace. Do check whether these features make the product perform better, of course. Any additional feature that does nothing will not count towards the overall performance of the vendor.

Exact and accurate data showing the performance of vendors will help you figure out which ones are doing their best to serve customers well or who are just there to make money. Though you understand the need to sell, you want your marketplace to be helpful so that customers will keep coming back, so prioritize vendors who perform well.

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